Innovative Tools For Fascial Fitness & Unwinding

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01. What?

Instruments for myofascial release.

Highly refined & accessible tools to help open up and optimize the fascial matrix of the human body. Designed with intention & made from long-lasting & durable materials.

02. Why?

Because we deserve to feel better!

Modern day life has wreaked havoc on our bodies, from poor footwear to staring at screens all day, our bodies are more tense than ever. When we fix that, life changes. Fascianative tools are built to help us get out of pain, into alignment, and living well.

03. How?

Engineering Meets Embodiement

Informed by the latest in fascial science and through extensive research, prototyping and testing, we have landed with products that work for us. We can't wait to see them work for you.

Designed Fascia First.

Leading-edge research has given cause for us to rethink everything we know about the human body. Maintaining a properly supple fascial matrix is being realized as the key to longterm health and vitality. After discovering the Human Garage Fascial maneuvers modality in 2022, founder Matthew Cannon set out to build a toolset to supplement this protocol & aid in the mission to empower people to heal themselves.

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  • What is Fascia?
    The connective tissue that surrounds our muscles, organs, and entire bodies. It can be as flexible as silicone and as strong as tensile steel.

  • How do you use these tools?
    While each tool will have different instructions, the basic idea is to use the tools as additional contact points to grip the skin and hold it in place as you move, stretch, and breathe into supported postures to open the fascia into alignment.

  • What are the benefits of opening up the Fascia?
    Opening up the fascia can get us out of pain, activating the body's natural healing and growth processes. You'll feel better, move better, and be less stressed. Fascianative tools aim to improve your range of motion, increase functional strength, and make fascial maneuvers more accessible.

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